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    Welcome to Fraser Suites Chengdu

    Conceived by world-renowned architect and designer, Steve Leung, Fraser Suites Chengdu is one of the city’s most prestigious serviced apartments situated in the middle of the CBD at Tian Fu Square.

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    Served by the central subway station, Fraser Suites Chengdu enjoys superb proximity to the offices and malls and a wide range of dining and entertainment in full view of beautiful fountains and gardens, in what was once the site of the Chinese Imperial Palace.

    The property is an iconic development in a central location with an impressive full-glass facade and a magnificent high-ceiling lobby, offering 360 Gold-Standard fully-furnished luxury residences for sophisticated living in the capital of Sichuan Province. Business and leisure travellers will appreciate the complimentary high-speed internet access, 24/7 reception, concierge and security services, ergonomically-designed study furniture and lifestyle amenities that make Fraser Suites Chengdu the choice of accommodation among the luxury serviced apartments Chengdu has to offer.

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    Shopping mall with lifestyle facilities

    Yanlord Plaza

    High end brand shopping mall


    Shopping mall with lifestyle facilities

    Chunxi Road

    Local walking street with shops


    Old Chengdu street with shops and food

    Narrow-wide Alleys

    Local attraction with food and handy crafts

    Songxian Bridge

    Local shopping

    Ito Yokado

    Japanese shopping mall



    Hanasato Japanese Restaurant

    Japanese restaurant chain

    Cat Mountain Dessert

    Top Pot Bakery

    Shujiuxiang Hot Pot

    Sichuanese restaurant

    Nantang Guan

    Local fushion Sichuanese and Chinese food

    Tan’s Roast Fish

    Local chain of Sichuanese style fish

    Four Oceans One Family

    Local food 

    Bank of China


    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


    China Merchants Bank


    China Construction Bank


    Global Doctor

    Internatioal medical facility

    He Mu Dental Clinic

    Local dental clinic

    Chan Ting SPA

    Taiwanese owned foot and full body massage

    Chang Le Zu Dao Foot Health Care

    Local foot and body massage

    Happy Vally Chengdu

    Amusement park

    Polar Ocean World

    Amusement park

    Teddy Bear Museum

    Kids attraction 

    Fraser Suites Chengdu

    Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum

    This is where you get to learn about one of the top Oriental treasures, the Shu brocade hand-weaving process as well as its 2,000-year culture which has produced countless silk tapestries since ancient times.

    Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage

    The 24-acre (97,000 sq m) park and museum in honour of ancient renowned poet, Du Fu, who composed 240 poems of national treasures during his stay there.

    Wuhou Temple

    One of the most famous temples built to commemorate Zhuge Liang, a witty state chancellor during the Three Kingdoms period, who was highly respected and awed for his character and intellect.

    Jinsha (archaeological site)

    The site thought to date back to 3,000 years was unearthed in 2001 to much significance, along with 63 sacrificial spots, 6,000 precious relics and 3 centralized cemeteries, amongst other discoveries.

    Dujiangyan Irrigation System

    An irrigation infrastructure built in 256 BC and is still being used today to irrigate over 5,300 sq km of land in the region.

    Leshan Giant Buddha

    Possibly one of the largest stone Buddha in the world, the 71m tall statue was carved out of a cliff face facing Mount Emei, with rivers flowing below its feet. 

    LanKwai Fong Chengdu

    A food and beverage and entertainment district with international delicacies, wines and parties, with a modern architecture in an idyllic setting.

    Jiu Yan Qiao Bar Street

    A disco bar well-loved by young people.

    Shao Ling Road Bar

    A disco bar well-loved by young people.

    Shamrock Bar

    An Irish bar with great food.

    Mug Bar

    A favourite among foreigners

    Blue Caribbean Plaza

    A place that is home to many bars and restaurants.

    Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

    A non-profit research and breeding facility for giant pandas and other rare animals.

    Mount Emei

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site was where the first Buddhist temple was built in China, and is traditionally regarded as a place of enlightenment.

    Bi Feng Xia Wild Animal Park

    The supergrade scenic spot is home to over 80 giant panders, the biggest giant panda base in the world.

    Jiuzhaigou Valley

    Part of the Min Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau stretching over 72,000 hectares (180,000 acres), the valley is known for its many multi-level waterfalls, colourful lakes, and snow-capped peaks, which have wowed generations one after another, all now under the Protected Landscape.


    The UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its very interesting landscape that includes colourful pools formed by calcite deposits, diverse forest ecosystems, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls and hot springs.

    Mount Qingcheng

    The most important Taoism centres in China are home to many temples on its 36 peaks.

    Yanlord Landmark

    High-end shopping mall in downtown location.


    High-end shopping mall downtown.

    Chun Xi Road

    The streets are lined up with mass retail outlets.

    Mix City

    A shopping mall which has a trend of creating a leading fashion brand, housing relatively high-end restaurants and department stores.

    Tian Fu Square

    A landmark of Chengdu, fill with lots of retail options.

    Zong Fu Road

    A place home to some older departmental stores such as Wangfujing and Pacific Department store.

    Jin Li Street

    The oldest street in ancient Chinese history used to be the most commercialized.

    Kuan Zhai Alley

    Although the alley with architecture appeals to the older generation, the street seeks continues to amaze with great restaurants, bars and daggers.

    Qin Tai Road

    Visit Qin Tai Road to get a glimpse of the Qing-era architecture and experience ancient China.

    An Shun Bridge

    It is a beautiful bridge with characteristic culture of Chengdu.

    No. 111 Zhihui Street,
    Jinjiang District, Chengdu 610016

    Tel:+86 28 8516 6999 Fax:+86 28 8665 9667 Email:
    No. 111 Zhihui Street,
    Jinjiang District, Chengdu 610016

    Tel:+86 28 8516 6999 Fax:+86 28 8665 9667 Email:
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